How To Earn Passive Income While Sleeping

Hey, it’s Eric.

First things first... 

  • Know the niche market you are going after and are committed to
  • Have a squeeze page up and online and functional
  • Have something valuable to give away for free to your new subscribers

If you do not yet have all of that above finished, then read the following sentence out loud:  "In order for me to make a ton of money, I need to sell stuff… and right now, I don’t have anything to sell actively and consistently day after day."

Then read this sentence out loud:  "I’m going to put my heart, blood, sweat and tears and everything I have into
making sure I get the above finished, completed and implemented within 5 days!"

Nothing happens for you until you set things in motion.  Nature does not like people to sit there and procrastinate or do nothing productive.  Nature wants you to be active and grow and create and execute.  Nature will meet you half way if you are “active” with a definite purpose.

After Your Squeeze Page, The Next Step Is “Selling Stuff!”

Let’s just get right to the cash.  You got a squeeze page.  You got a teaser report or some audios or something to give away free to your subscribers… and what’s next?

Next is to sell stuff to those people/subscribers!  Simply pick something that you would buy (or have purchased already) and sign up as an affiliate and promote it to your list!

Don’t over analyze it.  Don’t judge it too much.  Don’t talk yourself out of it.  JUST DO IT!

Pick a product that has an affiliate program, sign up for the affiliate program, grab some swipe emails (most provide it when you sign up as an affiliate for them) and load that swipe email copy up into your auto-responder and promote to your list!

Load up about 3-5 emails that pitch that offer.  Edit the emails so they match your style and tone and add them into your auto-responder email sequence to go out automatically (this is where passive income comes in my friend)

Load up your auto-responder sequence with promo emails that promotes an affiliate offer through your affiliate link. You can load up 5 different affiliate offers and promote them to your list over the next few months (passive income) and
those emails will be sent out when you are asleep and have long forgotten about even writing them.  

  • Either sell affiliate offers to your subscribers
  • Or sell your own products to your subscribers
  • Or sell both… affiliate offers and your own products to your subscribers

 I prefer you sell your own products mostly, but I realize most are just getting started and it takes them time to create their own products.  We can get to product creation time another time… you’ll be blown away!

For now, complete this step… set up your auto-responder emails to automatically sell/pitch affiliate offers (or your own offers).  Make sure to provide value in-between the sell/pitch emails.  Don't pitch, pitch, pitch and pitch.  Don't be one of those!

And if you get stuck, reach out to me. I’m always here to help :)

Dedicated to your success,

Eric Rosen

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